With many sites currently closed to visitors and engineers, if not all users, remote connectivity to access control and security systems has become crucial. Here’s how Inner Range’s Entry level access control system, Inception, can help site and security managers keep tabs on what’s happening and make changes as needed to keep the site and its users safe.

Full functionality web browser access

Our Inception system is unusual among Entry-level access control products because it allows users web browser access any time, any place including via tablets and mobile phones.

Some systems only allow a ‘fixed client’ access point from one computer. While some others allow ‘web client’ access apparently at no extra cost. But when you look at the detail, what security managers can actually do to the system is fairly limited. Finally, some companies offer ‘floating client’ access from multiple machines and locations with but with a much bigger price tag for the privilege.

Inception is different in that it offers full functionality web browser access while remaining budget-friendly.

Sky Command app

Security managers can connect to all our systems, including Inception, from anywhere including their mobile phone with our Sky Command App. This is a proprietary cloud service so it is a very secure way to access the system.

The app gives security managers interactive control and live status of areas, inputs, doors and outputs as well as simple or multimode area arming options. It means if someone forgets to set an alarm, this can be done remotely. Things like heating and lighting can be changed remotely if users will not be on site and senior managers can also remotely change security levels and permissions for other users.

In addition, the app provides access to a ‘review’ log of actions or events on the system, for example if alarm sensors have been triggered. Security managers can see if any faults have been registered and take appropriate action to correct these if need be.

Email and push notifications

All our access control and intruder detection systems including Inception provide rapid email and push notifications to keep security managers alert to any changes on site. For example, if intruder alarm sensors are triggered, or a door has been left open. Security managers can then take timely actions to address any issues, or reset alarms as needed.

Don’t just take our word for it

One of our partners, installer Gary Carr at Custom Security, told us this week:

“The Inception system has been easy to install and a dream to commission. However, it’s really come into its own over the last couple of weeks during lockdown where we have been able to remotely dial in to each system from our office.

“It’s brilliant because it has helped reduced exposure and therefore reduce risk to our engineers by not having to attend those sites in person.”

Remote demonstrations

If you would like to see any of these elements in action, we can deliver free demonstrations of all Inception capabilities via video conferencing. Please contact us on 0845 470 5000 or ireurope@innerrange.co.uk