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Integriti Encrypted High Security: Access control and intruder detection systems for critical infrastructures

Highly secure with with 128-bit end-to-end encryption and and MAC authentication, Integriti Encrypted High Security utilises all the powerful functionality of Integriti, but can also answer the challenges of delivering access control and intruder detection for critical national infrastructures such as defence, medical and government.  Integriti Encrypted High Security is also the ideal choice for establishments that demand watertight security for counter-terror purposes or other high-risk scenarios.

access control and intruder detection systems integriti high security

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Inner Range F.A.Q.

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We offer technical support from our head office in Berkshire.  We’re open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm.  Email our tech support team via or call + 44(0) 845 470 5000 (option 1).

You are never locked into a contract with Inner Range.  We hope that the capabilities of our systems will ensure you remain a loyal customer.

There are no mandatory software maintenance agreements.

From CCTV and building automation through to HR, payroll and H&S systems, Integriti Encrypted High Security has the ability to effectively integrate with hundreds of third party systems, increasing the capabilities and performance of your system.  View our integrations page for more information.

We have a variety of training options available.  Both basic and advanced levels can be taken within a classroom environment or online, the latter allowing you to learn and qualify at your own pace.  When you pass the examination you will be awarded certified technician status.

Courses are valid for three years, encouraging technicians to keep their skills and knowledge current.

To find out about our training schedule or online training call our team on +44 (0) 845 470 5000 or email

If you are looking for Inner Range installers in the UK or across Europe, please call us on + 44(0)845 470 5000 to be sent a list of suppliers that work in your area.

Organisations requiring watertight security should opt for Integriti Encrypted High Security over our standard Integriti security system.  Boasting end-to-end encryption to 128-bit with MAC authentication, Integriti Encrypted High Security is the best choice for critical infrastructure and high security sites.

Definitely. Apps are available for Apple and Android devices; download via App Store or Google Play.

All the functionality provided within the Integriti system is included within Integriti Encrypted High Security.

System costs will be dependent on requirements.  We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and deliver a comprehensive proposal.



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