With 26 years in the security industry under his belt, we chatted to Andy Reynolds, Inner Range’s new Manager – Technology Support Services, to find out how it has changed…

Andy-reynolds-inner-rangeAndy began his career in electrical engineering with a view to moving into IT. A self-professed IT enthusiast, he secured a role as IT manager for a small security installer and never looked back.

“In that first IT role, I got involved with tech support for access control products, CCTV, and associated products, which I liked. From there I moved to a manufacturer of security products which gave me a new set of skills and experience, before beginning with Inner Range.”

After nearly 17 years with Inner Range in technical support roles Andy was promoted to Manager – Technology Support Services in February 2024. He is now helming the department, taking care of all installer-related issues in the UK, and dealing mainly with distributors in the rest of Europe, as well as integration partners in both regions.

During the pandemic Andy took charge for the department as a result of staffing changes, helping to grow it once operations returned to normal and the workload increased – something he considers a career highlight.

“It was a great opportunity for me to step up and take on additional responsibility, ensuring the consistency of service for our installers and making sure we could continue delivering the highest levels of support. I was pleased that the company had that confidence in me and the experience set the stage for my current role.”

The upside of working in the industry

“Why do I like my job? I like solving problems. Every day brings a new challenge, especially when we’re covering such a wide area. I also work with a great team at Inner Range, both here in the UK and in Australia where our products are manufactured.”

However, working in the security does have a downside. “It’s taken some of the fun out of watching action movies because I can’t help thinking, oh, no way that works, or nope, you can’t just do that!”

Advice for newcomers to security

For those thinking of getting into the security industry – either making a lateral move or starting their careers – Andy says that overall the industry offers great potential for progression. In addition, working for a smaller company is a great way to learn the industry, and learn a range of diverse skills and get the relevant experience.

“I love working in the security industry because there is a lot of opportunity for progression, both vertically and horizontally. It’s quite specialised so there is a huge scope for learning. Plus, the products are interesting and always evolving.”

An evolving industry

In decades gone by, when Andy was starting in the industry, there were a lot of products on the market each with a specialised function, but no real collaboration between products. Fast forward a few years and integration is very much a core focus – products working together and communicating in an ecosystem.

“As with in other industries, IT has had a good impact on the development of products and solutions, not just in terms of pushing for integration, but also in the move to adopting IP and cloud. I also think IT has had a massive influence on the user-friendliness of products, something that will continue to evolve, making products easier to use.

“Of course, looking ahead, I have to mention AI and its role in making solutions smarter, especially around the use of algorithms to make systems more secure and improving reporting capabilities.”