As the industry moves to embrace more end-to-end security solutions, the benefits for end-users are undeniable – efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness. The key to success of these all-encompassing solutions is integration; the ability to work with other systems in a streamlined and efficient way that delivers benefits to the installation.

A case in point is our Integriti access control and security system that is well known for its ability to integrate with a host of third-party products, from CCTV and building automation, to HR and health and safety products. For larger, multi-storey buildings such as shared office space and residential buildings, Integriti is ideal because of the breadth of options and integrations that it includes.

Lift management

One of these elements is lift management – a crucial piece of the overall access control and security picture. Integrating a building’s lift system into the access control platform delivers a number of benefits for both landlords and security teams.

Here’s how:

Imagine a multi-storey, multi-tenant building with thousands of employees and visitors going in and out during working hours. Now imagine that this building has several elevator banks with multiple lifts. What’s needed in terms of both security and efficiency? A solution that manages both access and ensures the smooth flow of traffic throughout the lobby.

With Integriti, we offer a unified solution that does exactly that: high-level lift integration with our access and security system.

Integriti enables the lifts to read user credentials – visitor, employees, etc – from the entry turnstiles or door readers. The destination control software built into the lift system can then determine where the user needs to go and offers the best way of getting there. It does this by analysing the user’s home floor or destination, where other users are going, and where each of the building’s lifts are located. If the user has access to multiple floors, they can then choose the correct floor inside the elevator. Importantly, users will only ever have access to floors they have permission to visit.

The integration works with a multitude of devices, including access cards, QR codes and mobile phones ensuring both staff and visitors can benefit from the system, directed to the quickest lift.

It also brings a level of efficiency to operations – access can be quickly revoked, making it easy for security staff to manage permissions for users, especially in high traffic buildings with many visitors or for offboarding employees.

High-level lift integration in action

Integriti integrates with global elevator brands including Kone, Mitsubishi, OTIS, Schindler, Thyssen Krupp and New Lift, delivering new levels of functionality to security installations.

As such, our Integriti system has been used in installations across the world, including luxury office buildings and commercial installations where the system provides robust security for the sites, as well as seamless integration to an array of other building management systems.

Lift management with Inception

Lift integration is also a feature in our Inception solution, which is ideal smaller businesses or single site installations. When calling a lift, the user (visitor or employee) presents a valid access card and then selects a floor while inside the lift. The access card only allows a user access to floors they have permission to visit, ensuring safety throughout the building. The integration with the lift management system also enables Inception to track and keep a record of where users have been in the building adding a level of security.

Going up…

Calling a lift isn’t something you think about – you push a button or swipe a card and hey presto! The systems behind that technology are the ones that make access so effortless. Integrating lift management into access control systems delivers a host of benefits to both commercial and residential buildings – improved safety, convenience for users and efficiency – and can form a vital part of a building’s access and security system.

If you would like to know more about Inner Range’s capabilities when it comes to high level lift integration, please get in touch.