Inception security

Access control and security for smaller businesses doesn’t need to be complex or prohibitively expensive. Our Inception solution is an award-winning access control and integrated security system that is web-based, making it easy to use.

Inception requires no software because it’s built into the controller.

The result? Inception can be easily managed via a browser. It is a powerhouse for smaller businesses and we are continually developing it to ensure users benefit from its broader functionality.

Here are a few of the newest features:

Wireless lock support

 One of the most popular updates is our wireless door support. Wireless locking supplements access control systems and is a cost-effective way of adding doors and entry points to your system. Inception now includes a powerful bi-directional interface with the Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locking solution. This integration uses the ILAM Reader RS-485 port – providing the full capability of standard hardwired doors to Aperio wireless doors.

The benefits

The main benefit of implementing wireless locks is cost savings – particularly on installation as there is no need to wire directly to the door. Installation and operation are streamlined as the Inception system manages Aperio wireless doors in the same way as a traditional wired door, allowing configuration of the wireless doors through the standard hardware wizard. This also ensures that there are no additional special training or programming requirements. There are also a host of door furniture options within the Aperio range to appeal to suit different types of buildings and décor.

Storage unit support

 The Inception system now includes support for personal storage unit facilities. Dedicated storage unit items can be created to monitor door position and motion detector inputs and control output for automation. Units can be unlocked or secured to raise an alarm state on access.

There are also no limits on the number of units that can be created. However, the main limit is the number of hardware inputs that Inception supports, which is now 1024.

Tip: If each unit has a door read and a motion detector, up to 512 units can be supported. If only one detector is in each unit, then up to 1024 units can be created.

Tip: For site requirements, keep in mind any additional inputs required for access points, security detectors, fire detectors, and so on that would reduce the number of inputs that Units could use.

The benefit of using storage unit is that an access request to a block (a group of units that could represent a site, building or section of a building) by a customer via PIN or card unlocks their unit, automatically securing it when they exit. They also allow simpler management of automation, controlling lighting or environmental systems, etc., if any unit within a block is unlocked.

Doubling up on inputs and outputs  

Inception now offers up to 1024 inputs, double what it was previously capable of, and 1024 outputs thanks to expansion hardware. The caveat here is that this only applies to hardware inputs and outputs as calculated inputs (such as Forced or Held Open states or a storage unit’s Alarm state) are not included in these limits.

Third-party OSDP reader support

Third-party OSDP readers can now to be connected to the Inception controller and SLAM expansion modules. These offer similar features to SIFER readers, except for those specific to the SIFER range like multiple LED colours, volume control, etc. OSDP readers configured in Inception, like SIFER readers, can be detected, enrolled, have state feedback, and be controlled by automated actions to evoke a feedback response.

Tip: When configuring a Reader expansion module in the Hardware Wizard, the Reader Types now have been expanded to include Wiegand, SIFER, Generic OSDP, and OSDP Wiegand Converter.

Tip: For OSDP readers connected on the same module bus, ensure they have unique OSDP addresses.

What’s next?

Part of our mission here at Inner Range is to keep innovating. This can be seen in the evolution of our product range, the new releases and the constant updates we implement thanks to market demand and customer feedback. If you’d like to chat about how our products could help your business, get in touch today, and remember to stay up to date by following us on LinkedIn.