Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was to construct an all-round state-of-the-art training academy, on a 77 acre site at Bulls Cross, Essex. This new facility would be where first, reserve sides and younger academy teams could train to the highest standards, in a well-equipped, comfortable and secure environment. Proposed facilities at the site comprised: 11 outdoor pitches, one fully covered training pitch, gymnasium and pool.


The club selected Classic Security Solutions (CSS) as their main contractor, responsible for sourcing an integrator who would be able to deliver an intelligent integrated system capable of managing and controlling security, access and building management solutions from multiple vendors as well as provision a future-proof and scalable solution, enabling further expansion and integration capabilities. Key requirements of the integrated security system included:

  • Site-wide intruder detection system to EN50131 grade 3.
  • Access control for 40+ doors.
  • Control and monitoring of entire site via graphical interfaces at multiple locations.
  • An IP based infrastructure to ensure the site was future proof and the contractor could minimise the number of ducts and cables.
  • Real-time asset tracking system to detect and instantly report unauthorised movement of high value items (lawn mower tractors and grounds maintenance tools), preventing unauthorised movement, removal or theft from site.
  • For first team players, deliver a biometric access control solution which would work effectively with dirty hands and all-weather play.
  • Rather than use a standard access control card which would be difficult for reserve team and younger academy team players to carry, utilise a light-weight and non- intrusive wristband incorporating RFID access control technology.
  • Ability to create and print access cards away from the main security.


Classic Security Solutions (CSS) won the security tender for this impressive build and selected the Inner Range’s integrated hardware platform Concept 5000 and its system software, Insight, as the main components to manage and control security, access and building management systems, required to create an efficient and secure environment for the football club. Inner Range’s design input during the build, coupled with their intelligent systems enabled CSS to integrate the required 3rd party solutions so they could be managed and controlled from one system and deliver a robust, scalable and future proof solution. Inner Range also provided integration to biometric readers from IEVO and RFID solutions from IDENTEC so that CSS could meet the clubs specific access-control requirements for players and academy training teams as well as implement a solution to protect against unauthorised movement or removal of high value assets belonging to the academy.


Working with Inner Range resulted in CSS being able to:

  • Design and implement a system, to EN50131 grade 3 standards, that is not only capable of integrating at both hardware and software level with multiple 3rd party systems, but also via logical programming of either software or hardware, automatically take decisions based on system status or information from other systems.
  • Provide a robust access control solution for all doors, with boundless provisioning (up to 50,000 doors).
  • Using graphical interfaces at multiple locations, provide complete visibility and control of all security and building management systems technologies across the entire site.
  • Deliver an IP based solution to future proof the security project and minimise cabling.
  • Install a biometric access control solution to be used by specific users.
  • RFID access-control wristbands with the ability for authorised staff to automatically create access cards via a portable card maker.
  • Deploy effective asset tracking which protects all valuable assets against loss and theft by monitoring their location and movement in real-time.