Inner Range Case Studies

Type of site: Grade A multi-tenant office

Location: The Bailey, 16 Old Bailey, London, EC4

Site Size: 115,000 sq ft over ten floors

Client Needs:

  • Easy access for users
  • Touch-free and digital sign-in
  • Free flowing movement through reception, avoiding crowds and queues
  • Fast access to other floors via lifts
  • Visitor management system that can be used by multiple tenants and reception staff easily
  • Secure and clear intercom/entry phone and door automation for out-of-hours, deliveries and trades people access

  • Easy access and parking for disabled users
  • Reliable and resilient security including CCTV monitoring of strategic locations


  • Inner Range’s enterprise-level intelligent integrated access control system Integriti, which provides robust security as well as seamless integration to an array of other building management systems
  • Easy to use proximity card entry for users and tenants
  • Forge Bluepoint, powered by Yardi, visitor management system to create secure but easy to use credentials for visitors including via smartphone
  • High-level lift integration by Mitsubishi that reads user credentials and directs users to the quickest lift for their desired destination
  • Integrated CAME BPT video entry phone and access control to automate doors for disabled access near dedicated parking bay for disabled users, as well as for out-of-hours access, deliveries and trades people
  • Hard-wired IP closed circuit television system (CCTV) with Hikvision cameras to monitor strategic locations

  • End-to-end encrypted messaging through every interface and integration by Inner Range’s Integriti for high level security
  • Provision for future entry turnstiles/speed lanes

Richard Harvell, engineering director, at Knight Harwood, who managed the refurbishment at The Bailey, said: “Our key requirement was to be able to move users, including visitors, swiftly through reception to their correct floors with minimal or no touch points. And all without compromising security.

“Antron Security’s solution, which centred around Inner Range’s intelligent access control system Integriti, more than delivers. The high-level lift integration automatically directs users to the fastest lift for their floor, and only allows access beyond reception for those with bona fide credentials.

“We have been impressed with Integriti’s sophistication and integration capabilities, as well as Antron Security’s expertise and diligence in designing and installing our bespoke access and security system.”

The Bailey_intercom and door access

The client

UK property firm Endurance Land, which is a member of the Hong Kong-based property conglomerate Nan Fung Group, owns The Bailey.

The property, which is situated directly opposite the famous Old Bailey High Court in London, was originally built in the early 20th Century for the Chatham and Dover Railway Company. It’s Grade II listed Edwardian Baroque façade features classical reclining figures, while a larger ‘western extension’ was built in 1999 to modern City office standards.

Knight Harwood was recently commissioned to refurbish the whole site, along with architect Orms and building design consultancy GDM Partnership.

The commercial site meets Grade A office specifications and offers exceptional internet reliability and speed for tenants. It achieved a platinum connectivity rating by WireScore, the Mayor of London’s digital connectivity rating scheme in 2020.

A new and sophisticated access and security management system was part of the refurbishment brief.

System requirements

Knight Harwood stipulated an access and security management system that would ensure a free flow of users and tenants through reception, without crowding or queues.

This would need to include integrating intelligent lift controls, to ensure users were swiftly taken to their designated floor, as well as a good visitor management system that all tenants could use without the need for a central security team to manage requests.

Touchless access, as well as digital sign-in for users was also important.

An intercom or entry phone and access control operated doors were needed for disabled users accessing the building from the dedicated disabled parking bay, as well anyone arriving ‘out of hours’, or for trades people and deliveries.

High levels of physical and cyber security were needed to keep all legitimate users and the site safe, without hindering access. CCTV monitoring would be needed in strategic locations.

Future proofing, including laying under-floor cables ready for entry turnstiles/speed lanes, was desired.

The Team 

Antron Security project managed the design, supply and installation of the access control and security system for The Bailey and acted as the ‘go to’ contact for Knight Harwood.

Antron Security is a leading installer of bespoke security solutions and has been providing security installations for the past 30 years. Taking care of the supply, design, installation and maintenance of security systems, Antron Security is NSI and Safe Contractor approved, meaning all staff and systems installed comply with the latest industry standards and are regularly inspected.

Inner Range provided the core access and security management system, Integriti, that enabled Antron Security to build the bespoke solutions needed for The Bailey. Inner Range has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent security solutions since it was established in 1988. Inner Range systems have been installed in over 25 countries. It’s flagship product, Integriti, offers enterprise-level intelligent security and integrated smart building controls for single sites through to global estate portfolios.


Inner Range’s powerful Integriti intelligent access control system, known for its breadth of integration options, integrates with Mitsubishi’s high-level lift controls and Bluepoint’s visitor management system to ensure all users and visitors can access their floors and designated areas with ease.
The Mitsubishi lifts are able to read credentials from proximity cards, or mobile phones, at a user check-in point at reception, or in the lift lobby itself.

The high-level lift integration with ‘destination control’ means the lift software takes into account where each of the building’s lifts are, where the user’s ‘home floor’ is, as well as where other users are going/due to go, and instantly calculates the quickest lift for the new user. The user is immediately directed to the most efficient lift via a display screen at reception, or in the lift lobby. If users are able to go to more than one floor, they can update their preference in the lift itself.

This integration ensures users move through reception quickly and efficiently with no unnecessary stops.

Inner Range’s Integriti also allowed Forge’s Bluepoint visitor management system to integrate with IDL’s turnstiles and the KONE lifts.

For visitors to access tenanted floors within the building, the following has to take place:

  • A tenant creates the meeting via Bluepoint
  • An email is generated and sent to the visitor’s inbox where they can create a mobile QR code pass and save it to their smart phone wallet
  • When the visitor arrives, they use their mobile phone to scan the QR code in the Bluepoint invite at the reception desk to check-in.
  • The reception team can then direct them to the Mitsubishi lifts, which display the lift car they need to get to their meeting
  • To leave, the visitor presents their QR code at the lift or door reader, which tells the system they’re leaving
  • The QR codes are only valid for one entry and one exit, and only on the appointment date and at the planned appointment time. Afterwards, the QR code becomes invalid and is deleted from the system/li>

The QR code gives the visitor the ability to access everything they will need, including the lifts and any locked doors enroute.

The integration between Integriti and Bluepoint’s visitor management system was achieved using the Bluepoint API. Bluepoint is cloud-based, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

CAME BPT entry panels were installed to allow disabled users to access the building near the dedicated disabled parking bay, as well as for any visitors out-of-hours to contact the security team, or for deliveries and trades people to use in order to access doors at the rear of the building. The panels allow for a reliable and intuitive video entry intercom.

CCTV cameras from Hikvision have been installed throughout the site to create a hard-wired IP closed circuit television system. They are integrated with the Integriti access control system, which allows for intelligent ‘cause and effect’ monitoring. System protocols automatically bring up specific camera feeds for security managers to view in response to alerts, and footage can be viewed together with additional information from Integriti, such as if a door has been left open.
Inner Range’s enterprise product, Integriti, provides seamless integration with a multitude of other smart building management systems, underpinned by robust security. This includes encrypting all communications through every device and interface, and providing intruder detection to European standard EN50131.

Integriti helps building managers create greener, more energy efficient sites by tracking how tenants use the building, and amending heating and lighting settings as a result.

Integriti also provides trace reporting, that can identify a user’s movements if they have become unwell and identify who else has been near them.

System benefits for users

  • Touch-free entry and digital sign-in for users and visitors

  • No unnecessary stops for users on their way into the building

  • Reduced risk of crowding or queues in reception area
  • Easy to use visitor management system
  • Robust security that doesn’t impinge on access

  • Future proofing with cabling provision for speed lanes/entry turnstiles in place