2FA among enhancements for powerful entry-level InceptionOur Inception integrated access and security system may be our entry-level product. But we give it the same love and attention when it comes to updates and enhancements as our enterprise products.


The latest version of Inception now supports two factor authentication, usually known as 2FA. This means operators have to present their usual name and password, as well as an additional time-based one-time passcode (TOTP) by using Google’s Authenticator app, or another compatible app. The use of 2FA provides another layer of security, and means that even if credentials are stolen, a rogue user still can’t gain access.

Dynamic user imports

Inception can also automatically import new user data from CSV files in external systems, such as booking or payroll. These are uploaded to the Inception controller, while user credentials can also be manually added, updated or cancelled based on existing information in another system. This helps reduce valuable time and resource creating and updating credentials.

Ethernet bridge

Our Inner Range LAN Ethernet bridge module provides a convenient interface for connecting RS-485 LAN modules to an Integriti or Inception controller via a standard TCP/IP network.

Key Features of the LAN Ethernet bridge module are:

  • Connect RS-485 LAN over TCP/IP Ethernet network
  • Compatible with Integriti and Inception
  • Communicates directly with controller – no master / slave configuration
  • Reduces configuration requirements
  • Heavily reduces hardware requirements
  • Allows RS-485 expansion via IP infrastructure
  • Over-The-Wire firmware upgradeable
  • AES 128-Bit Encryption
  • Remote configuration included via Ethernet LAN configuration tool

More benefits

  • Inception offers powerful access and security, perfect for single sites and small businesses.
  • It requires no software and is easy to programme, test and commission.
  • It comes with Grade 3 intruder detection to European Standard EN50131 as well as offering extra functionality, such as automated lighting, heating and air conditioning and the ability to integrate with biometric credentials.

More information

For more information about Inner Range’s entry-level access and security system Inception, please contact the sales team on 0845 470 5000 or ireurope@innerrange.co.uk