Type of site: Commercial offices
Location: White Chapel Building, Aldgate East, London, E1
Number of users/doors: • 26 doors • 2000 approx. users
Site size: 272,900 sq ft (25,350 sq m)

Integrated security solution for prestigious London commercial property

Solution required:

  • Brand new access control and security system for newly refurbished offices including CCTV with remote monitoring.
  • Trouble-free access for approx. 2000 tenants and staff.
  • Visitor management system allowing tenants to create their own temporary passes for visitors.


  • Powerful Integriti integrated access control and intruder detection system installed for exceptional security protection including full integration with 35 new CCTV cameras. All accessible to security managers remotely.
  • 3 x lift integration and 4 x IDL Fastlane turnstile integration so tenants’ access cards are read quickly and efficiently.
  • Smartphone access for tenants via HID Mobile Access Twist and Go app.
  • BluePoint visitor pass management integrated so tenants can create secure temporary passes for visitors.
  • Introduction of panic buttons and lock down facility in case of emergency.


Derwent London, a FTSE 250 Index British-based property development and investment firm with a property portfolio worth £4.9 billion, acquired the White Chapel Building in central London in December 2015. The firm is renowned for using design-led approaches to create inspiring office space and began a two-phase project to regenerate the eight-storey commercial building. Situated on an acre of land opposite Aldgate East Tube station, the White Chapel Building is valued between £100million and £200million and is home to various well-known brands including international mobile call company, Lebara, and global architecture and design firm, Perkins+Will. The lower floors, which are still being completed, are due to become home to a major new photography museum, Fotografiska. Derwent London’s complete refurbishment of the building meant they required a new security system that delivered solutions for all their own and potential tenants’ needs.

These included:

  • Intelligent IP-based access control system.
  • Tenant access to assigned floor/s and approved areas only.
  • Efficient system to manage visitors. • Ability to restrict unapproved visitors to lobby area.
  • Installation of 35 CCTV cameras with remote monitoring facilities.
  • Panic button and lock-down facilities in case of emergency.

“The flexibility of the Integriti system makes it future-proof as we can continue to meet the ever-changing requirements of the landlord and tenants via Inner Range’s ability to integrate with third party systems and devices such as lifts, intercoms, lighting and building management devices”Jamie Crane, Commercial Director at Antron Security


The Team

Antron Security project managed the design and installation of the access control and security system for the White Chapel Building and acted as the ‘go to’ contact for client, Derwent London. Antron Security is a leading installer of bespoke security solutions and has been providing security installations to organisations for the past 28 years. Taking care of the supply, design, installation and maintenance of security systems, Antron Security is NSI approved – meaning all staff and systems installed need to comply with the latest industry standards and are regularly inspected. Inner Range provided the core access control and intruder detection system that enabled Antron Security and Derwent London to build the bespoke solutions they needed. Inner Range is a pioneer of integrated access control and intruder detection systems. It’s been a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent security solutions since it was established in 1988. More than 130,000 Inner Range systems have been installed in over 30 countries. Inner Range’s award winning integrated security systems offer smart building management at local, national and global levels.

Security challenges solved

Inner Range’s award-winning access control system, Integriti, provides the core security solution for the White Chapel Building. The intelligent system integrates with a host of thirdparty products to become a PSIM system, managing not only security and building automation but also people and business continuity processes. In this instance, Integriti allows around 2,000 people troublefree access to their approved parts of the building, as well as managing visitors efficiently and allowing security managers to monitor events easily and remotely.

Key integrations with Integriti for the White Chapel Building include:

  • 35 CCTV cameras to allow security managers to view live and recorded events across the site. This includes remote monitoring, if security managers are off site.
  • Access via four IDL Fastlane lobby turnstiles to ensure only permitted persons can access areas beyond the reception and lobby area.
  • Lift integration – Tenants and visitors can only access approved floors using security credentials on their access card or smartphone.
  • Smartphone access – Tenants and staff were set up to use their smartphones to open doors and other smart devices with the HID Mobile Access ‘Twist and Go’ mobile app. The Integriti system can read and check security credentials from users’ mobile phones to determine whether they are allowed access.
  • A BluePoint visitor pass system was installed and integrated with Integriti to ensure a secure, reliable and trusted method of managing visitors. It allows ‘hosts’, such as tenants, to issue temporary passes for their visitors without needing to pass every request through a central security team. The passes can be issued on paper or via email. They can also be issued as Apple Wallet or Google Pass credentials. These appear on the visitor’s smartphone with a QR code without the visitor having to search their phone for them. Location and time-based information included in the pass ensure it appears when and where it is needed. The BluePoint passes can be read by Integriti at entrance turnstiles and lifts to ensure visitors can access areas agreed by the ‘host’.

Other Integriti features in use at the White Chapel Building include:

  • Easy to use Smartcard entry system integrated for access via doors, lifts and entrance turnstiles. Cards issued to 500 users initially.
  • Panic button and lock down procedures for emergency situations.
  • Gigabytes of on-board memory at controller hardware level to ensure the system maintains complete functionality even if offline.
  • Seamless IP-based multi-controller system architecture options.
  • Easy plug-and-play in UniBus, an innovative in-cabinet bus which allows the connection of expansion modules, communications modules, and door and reader modules to extend the range and scope of the Integriti system.

Benefits for landlord, tenants and visitors:

  • Trouble-free tenant access to their approved parts of the building.
  • The improvements in access and security means reception staff are more productive and efficient.
  • Security managers are able to monitor events easily and remotely.
  • More accurate reporting on who is where in the building helps with health and safety as well as security activities.
  • The Integriti system allows the landlord to manage operational costs more effectively while providing tenants with a more secure working environment.