Access control cards are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They not only control admittance to secure locations but allow personnel to access a range of other services, improve health and safety and provide valuable insight for business managers.

Here are our top eight benefits to using smart cards:

  1. Security credentials – Often their first and foremost purpose. Smart cards offer the perfect format for carrying security credentials including photo ID and even biometric data. Inner Range is now working with Zwipe to include finger print data on access control cards – that can be read by clients’ existing readers – to add an extra layer of security.
  2. Physical access – Access control cards are ubiquitous with door access control systems these days. But intelligent access control systems can integrate them with car park entry points, lifts and reception turnstiles to allow personnel trouble-free access to the places they need to be, while security managers can easily limit access to sensitive or higher security areas and assets.
  3. Access to devices – Smart cards can also control access to computers, printers, lockers and other devices, reducing the need for physical keys and or remembering passwords.
  4. Cashless vending and parking – Monetary credits or tokens can be loaded on to access control cards for cashless spending on food and drink from vending machines or canteens, or to cover car parking charges.
  5. Visitor management – Access control cards are great for managing visitors on site. They can be pre-programmed to activate – and deactivate – at certain times and provide bespoke access arrangements depending on the visitor.
  6. Health and safety – Facilities managers can monitor where access control cards – and their owners – are across the site at any given point. This information can be crucial in emergency situations, for example to check people are at muster points, or to locate first aiders.
  7. Business insight – Knowing where people are, what they are accessing and at what times enables business managers to review resources and deploy them more effectively and efficiently.
  8. Beyond smart cards – Smart phones and RFID bands are now also used for door access control and wider access arrangements. Using your smart phone means you have one less thing to remember and carry, while RFID bands are great for settings such as leisure centres and holiday parks where customers easily wear their ‘key’ to open doors, lockers and their accommodation.

If you’d like to know more about the smart cards we provide and integrate with, please contact us at or call 0845 470 5000.