The number of Inner Range partners whose engineers have completed our factory certified training has risen sharply in the last year and demand remains strong for our online training programmes.

Throughout 2020 we trained more than double the number of engineers who completed training in 2019, and 2021 is looking likely to be another bumper year for teaching integrators how to get the best from our intelligent access and security systems.

Pre-pandemic we delivered the majority of our training in face-to-face workshops, although we offered online options too. But the shift to remote working while social distancing is in place means our online programmes have come to the fore, offering the same quality training but without the hassle and costs of travel and accommodation.

Training benefits

Our training manager, Adrian Brownlow, says:

“Despite the pandemic, it’s important for technicians to receive factory training because it allows them to understand our products in-depth. Particularly with Integriti, end-users continually ask installers to program sophisticated scenarios outside of basic programming features. Integriti is very flexible in the way it can be programmed, so most scenarios can be achieved, but it’s important the installer understands the logic so he or she can successfully program the requested scenario.

“Our training also helps technicians understand the configuration of the system hardware, which eases any fault-finding that may be necessary on the system. Better understanding reduces the length of time installers need to spend on the phone with our in-house support technicians too.”

What we offer

Inception online training

Inception is our powerful yet budget friendly access control and intruder detection system suitable for single sites and small businesses. It is accessed via a web browser, making online training easy to set up and manage. Installers can sign-up for a short self-paced learning module that covers initial set-up procedures and how to incorporate some basic integrations with CCTV, lifts and heating and air conditioning functions.

Integriti online training

We offer two levels of training on our Integriti system, both of which result in a factory certification for installers valid for three years.

  • Certified Technician

Our basic level course is for technicians who new to Inner Range Integriti products.

Technicians are sent a rig including an Integriti system with doors/outputs to work with. The rest of the materials are accessed online via our website. Our training manager is available over the phone, video call and email to answer questions throughout the three-day course, which includes practical work to complete a basic setup.

A series of ‘open book’ tasks act as a final assessment.

  • Advanced Technician

This three-day online course is for technicians with a good working knowledge of Integriti hardware and software, and who already hold a current Certified Technician certificate.

It includes more advanced programming features of the hardware including anti-passback, dual user and low-level lift control.

Technicians complete practical exercises and a final programming assessment.

Online refresher training

Refresher training for both the Certified and Advanced courses is available and comprises an online questionnaire to ensure technicians’ skills and knowledge are up to date.

Post-training support

Trained engineers continue to benefit from Inner Range technical support via a helpline, which is available to anyone installing or working with an Inner Range system.

How to register

Contact our sales team via or call 0845 470 5000.