Online training courses are available for our Entry-level system, Inception, as well as our flagship Enterprise-level intelligent access control and intruder detection system Integriti.

Here we describe what’s involved, who the training is suitable for and how to register.

Inception online training

Inception is our powerful yet budget friendly access control and intruder detection system suitable for single sites and small businesses. It is accessed via a web browser, making online training easy to set up and manage. Installers can sign-up for a short self-paced learning module that covers initial set-up procedures and how to incorporate some basic integrations with CCTV and lifts as well as heating and air conditioning functions.

Integriti online training

We offer two levels of training on our Integriti system, both of which result in a factory certification for installers.

  • Certified Technician

Our Integriti Certified Technician training is a basic level course suitable for technicians who are new to Inner Range Integriti products.

Technicians are sent a complete training rig including an Integriti system with four readers, inputs and outputs to work with. The course, manuals and commissioning software are accessed online via our website. Our training manager is available over the phone, video call and email to answer questions throughout the course.

The three-day course includes a day of reading, introducing the various different types of Integriti hardware as well as our basic installation guidelines.

There are then approximately two days of practical work, learning how to complete a basic setup of the system, including basic intruder, access control and building automation programming. Technicians program the Integriti hardware and software and watch their programming in action.

To complete the course, technicians must carry out a final assessment – a series of ‘open book’ tasks – which is emailed across when the technician is ready. If technicians are successful, they are awarded factory certification as an Inner Range Integriti certified technician. The factory certificate is valid for three years.

  • Advanced Technician

Our Integriti Advanced Technician online course also takes approximately three days and is suitable for technicians who have a good working knowledge of Integriti hardware and software and who already hold a current Certified Technician certificate.

It consists of some of the more advanced programming features of the hardware including anti-passback, duel user and low-level lift control. It also includes training on some features available via our Integriti Professional software, including custom fields, importing users via a csv file, schematic map design and alert definition programming.

Each technician is provided with a copy of our Integriti Professional software and an individual training case containing Integriti hardware for the duration of their training.

As with our Certified Technician training, technicians complete practical exercises to confirm their understanding.

A practical programming assessment is emailed to participants to complete and successful technicians are awarded factory certification as an Inner Range Integriti advanced technician. This factory certificate is valid for three years.

Why our training’s worth it 

Alan Hakkinen from Baydale Control Systems in Hull has just completed the Integriti Certified technician training this month. He said: “The online training course was very informative and taught me everything I needed to know about the system. Everything that had to be in place was and I never needed to contact tech support.”

Our training manager, Adrian Brownlow, says: “It’s important for technicians to receive factory training because it allows them to understand our products in-depth. Particularly with Integriti, end-users continually ask installers to program sophisticated scenarios outside of basic programming features. Integriti is very flexible in the way it can be programmed, so most scenarios can be achieved, but it’s important the installer understands the logic so he or she can successfully program the requested scenario.

“Our training also helps technicians understand the configuration of the system hardware, which eases any fault-finding that may be necessary on the system. Better understanding reduces the length of time installers need to spend on the phone with our in-house support technicians too.”

Online refresher training

Refresher training for the Certified course is available and comprises an online questionnaire to ensure technicians’ skills and knowledge are up to date.

How to register

Contact our sales team via or call 0845 470 5000.