Inner Range customers with Concept systems should now migrate swiftly to Integriti because Concept has reached End of Life.

Our award-winning Integriti system is compatible with 95% of Concept hardware so migrating is easy, efficient and extremely cost-effective at only a fraction of the cost of an entire system replacement.

We first announced Concept was nearing End of Life in January 2019. Some Concept parts are still available to buy and we are currently continuing to provide technical support for existing customers, repairing or replacing parts from existing stock or suitable alternatives as necessary.

No longer economical

However, the system’s underlying technology is no longer economical to maintain in comparison with modern platforms like Integriti. We ares now urging customers to migrate before parts become obsolete.

Concept systems use Insight software. Insight follows the same End of Life timeline as Concept.

Our General Manager Tim Northwood said: 

“Concept was our flagship product, first launched in 1989, so it’s had a good innings and we remain very proud of its legacy. But we gave notice 18 months ago that Concept was reaching End of Life and we are renewing our call for any remaining Concept customers who have not yet migrated, to move to our Integriti system.

“We’ll continue to provide technical support for Concept users where we can. But eventually we’ll reach a point where it’s no longer possible to source suitable parts so we want to help customers secure their systems for the long term.

“Integriti is a brilliant product for small, medium and enterprise spaces and offers a very cost-effective migration path for our Concept customers.”

Integriti benefits for Concept customers

Integriti is our award-winning intelligent integrated security solution ideal for managing and controlling single and multiple sites at local, national and global levels.

Benefits for Concept users migrating to Integriti include more integrations with current manufacturers for security, building automation, people and business continuity processes, superb graphics, enhanced reporting, more flexibility around global programming and permissions as well as being compatible with current and future IT platforms, such as Windows and Vista.

Flagship system

Concept 2000 was Inner Range’s flagship system. It was designed by three of the four founders of Inner Range: Doug Frazer, David Baughan, and Alan Winch. First installed in 1989, the system was updated to the Concept 3000 and later the Concept 4000, which have been installed around the globe.

Inner Range has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent security solutions since it was established in 1988. More than 150,000 Inner Range systems have been installed in over 30 countries. Customers include hospitals and high-security units, colleges, distribution centres and pharmaceutical companies. government and critical national infrastructure.

 To migrate your system, please contact Inner Range on 0845 470 5000 or