The pandemic and social distancing has heightened the need to move people through entrance areas efficiently and reduce crowding in lift lobbies. As organisations begin making tentative plans to welcome users back in the summer, many are looking for smarter access controls to keep users safe and the site secure.

Integrating lift controls with an access and security system is a practical solution, whatever your budget, says Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range. Here he describes the options for lift integration with Inner Range integrated access control and security systems.

High-level lift integration

For customers with several sites and/or thousands of users, a high-level lift integration with our enterprise-level intelligent integrated access and security system, Integriti, provides a seamless, unified solution to manage access very efficiently.

High-level lift integration means the lift can read user credentials from entry turnstiles, or door readers. The lift’s ‘destination control’ software takes into account where each of the building’s lifts are, the user’s designated ‘home floor’ as well as where other users are going/due to go, and instantly calculates the quickest lift for the new user. The user is then immediately directed to the most efficient lift.

If users have access rights to more than one floor, they can update their preference in the lift itself.

The integration works with access cards, as well as QR codes – including those on mobile phones – meaning visitors can benefit from the high-level lift integration as well as regular users.

Anyone accessing the building will be swiftly directly to the quickest lift, and access can be touchless too – another benefit during the pandemic.

In addition, the integration ensures tighter security around accessing different floors because this is all directly controlled by the integrated system.

Lift integration with entry-level access control

 For customers with single sites, such as small businesses, using our entry-level integrated access and security system, Inception, some lift integration is also possible.

Users must present a valid access card to call a lift, and/or when choosing a floor from inside lift. This process restricts which floor selection buttons users can press, ensuring only legitimate users can access pre-agreed specific floors.

The integration allows Inception to keep a record of ‘button feedback’, showing where users have been, which is helpful for both security purposes as well as tracking user movements if any infection is recorded.

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