Using building management tools to reduce energy costs could be an important moneysaving exercise in offices where hybrid working is becoming more commonplace.

The Integriti access control system meets a range of needs, from those of small single sites through to complex multi-site networks across the globe.

Our systems deliver access and security requirements, technology which can also be used to monitor the usage and occupancy of a building.

Here are some things to think about when using Integriti for smart building automated actions in commercial sites or offices.

How many people are in the building?

Integrated access and security systems means it is easy to monitor how many people are in a building and whereabouts they are.

These user counts can be used to trigger other automated actions in the building like heating, air conditioning or lighting, or people have entered or left a room.

Being able to adjust or switch these systems off in certain parts of an office when they aren’t being used could make big cost savings for sites which have conventionally left these facilities running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The environmental impact

Not only will you become more energy efficient and save money, it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

In UK cities like London, commercial buildings contribute towards more than 70% of carbon emissions.

Using smart technology to reprogramme a building not only makes it more efficient but means it is easier to budget for its true energy usage when planning financially for the future.

Making life better

Triggering automated actions to control functions including ventilation and air conditioning makes life better for security and building managers so they have time to deal with other issues.

It could also improve air quality in a building, helping to improve staff health and wellbeing, especially since people are more careful since the Covid-19 pandemic and take more precautions to avoid catching colds and flu.

Other benefits

Making energy efficiency savings is not the only benefit of using automated smart technology to manage commercial offices.

Integrating multiple systems, such as CCTV, ANPR and active directory with our access control and intruder detection systems allows your security managers to control everything from a single point, cutting out duplicated tasks.

This streamlines combined information from several sources about events on site that can then be dealt with more effectively and efficiently.

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